Lineage 2 Idle

General Informations

07/10/2019 12:25
High Five
Server Type:

Server Features

XP Rate: 1
SP Rate: 1
Adena Rate: 1
Drop Rate: 1
Max Enchant: 16
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Rates and Gameplay:

- EXP/SP Rates are retail x1 and x2 with premium, including Raid Boss EXP.
- Drop/Spoils/Adena rates are retail x1.
- Premium can be purchased with Idle Token or Spirit of Idle.
- Spirit of Idle can be received in Oly, Raid Bosses, Voting, Events and little chance from high level Chests.
- Resale value of items to NPC shops is 0 adena. ( not open for discussion )
- Gear up to Dynasty can be purchased with adena.
- Shots up to B grade and consumables can be purchased from community store.
- Players have a x50 weight limit with 250 inventory slots. Private buy/sell shops have 12 slots.
- Offline shops are possible, simply setup shop and exit game.
- The Auctioneer will have Vesper Armors and Vesper Weapons.
- All Raid Bosses stats boosted x2 M, P. Def; P. Atk x3.
- There are no restrictions on the drop from the Raid Boss with a difference of 5 levels. After 5 levels the chance decreases.
- Community buffs will last for 8 hours.
- 20 boxes max per IP .
- Hellbound is level 11.
- Custom NPC with teleports.
- Autoloot is disabled by default. Use .cfg/.menu to turn on if needed.
- Only HP/MP and Vit herbs drop from mobs.

- Full list of chat commands in the community board.

- 65% success rate for gear enchantment, safe enchant +3, max weapon enchant +16, max armor/jewelry enchant +12.
- 50% Element Stones, 30% Element Crystals.

- Skills are auto learned.
- Forgotten Skills need their proper books to learn.
- Max buff slots is 26, 12 Dance/Song.

- Class quest not required, adena will be required for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
- Subclass quest not required.
- Freya quest not required.
- Hellbound entry quest not required.
- DontKnowDontCare quest nerfed (3rb) rewards are attribute crystals and Gem S.

- Olympiad validation is every 2 weeks, Players have 24 hours to claim olympiad tokens.
- Winning a match also rewards a Spirit of Idle.
- There is no enchant limit, use what you earn. Sub certificate skills also are active in matches.
- Prices for armors/books raised. Olympiad jewelry has a 2 week time limit.

- TW every wednesday. All flags are returned to their castle owners when the TW begins.

- TvT, Treasure Hunt, Last Hero and Death Match will occur once everyday. 2 boxes per IP, 20 players maximum. Events start at 15 GMT daily.
- Bonus events may occur seldomly at random with ample notice.
- Leprechaun event NPC spawns every 9 hours or so. read the on screen clues and find the leprechaun for a nice reward.

- Clan leader transfers are instant, leaders have a tan name color.
- Increased academy clan reputation rewards.
- Leaving a clan gives no penalty to join another.
- Reduced Clan Member requirements for leveling clan.
- Increased top Raid Point rewards.

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