NightWorld Lineage2

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09/11/2019 14:59
High Five
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Server Features

XP Rate: 150
SP Rate: 150
Adena Rate: 30
Drop Rate: 30
Max Enchant: 25
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Let us introduce you the newest Lineage2 server which provides a balanced and excellent gaming experience.
The server will be seasonal - spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season lasts for 3 months. During a season there will be no changes, only bugs that cause critical shutdowns and interruptions to the gameplay are patched into the server. The rest come together nicely in the heap where the development team works, on a secondary test server, to be featured in a big patch next season for every next start. Live.
Season champions can earn points. Based on PvP, PK, REPU, SIEGE, WARDs, which will result in an overall Winner of the Season. Only a Clan can win! That is why the clan changeover penalty is 30 days! The winner clan will receive a distinctive signal next season and enter the Hall of Fame.
For those who can play little but move faster, we recommend our 150X server, which is FULL focused on PvP.

It's important to mention what you get in a big race in one season, you lose to the next. And again, you can show off the basics in an accelerated gameplay, even every season, who's the best clan!

It has fast-paced gameplay, fast-paced life and lots of interest warfare.
March 1, NW Spring 2020, See you there!

XP 150x SP 150x Adena 30x Drop 30x Raid Drop 15x Spoil 30x
Enchant Safe until +3 Maximum +25
In Olympiad enchants counts until +12
Attribute up to 450, stone/crystal/jewel 60%
SmartGuard Antibot and Hack system
Custom (endgame) zones for Solo and Party/Clan farming (PVP)
Bufflimit 20 standard buffs + 4 divine books, 12 Song/Dance, 12 Triggered
NPC Buffer: full buff except cubics
Weight limit and inventory slots increased
Global GK in ATL+B (Community Board)
Donate Shop up to Vorpal Items, Attribute, Augments, (nothing that cannot reach without donate any)
Manapotion available, 1000 recharge in every 10s
Automatic skill learning, including forgotten skills
Base NightWorld Shop npcs, with general goods, weapons and armors until S grade (Dynasty)
EventShop with all kinds of stuff, hats, agathions etc
Subclass and Noblesse without quests
Boss respawns faster (6 h), except Grand bosses
Baium lvl increased to lv86
Special Queen Ant lv86 for Blessed Ring Of Queen Ant
Hero change in every weeks
(Dangerous) Champion mobs (for greater rewards)
Dualbox allowed unlimited
Hero change in every week

RunSpeed = 250 PCritRate = 500
MCritRate = 200 PAtkSpeed = 1500
CastingSpeed = 2000 Evasion = 250