L2 KomiWars

General Informations

21/03/2021 20:29
High Five
Server Type:

Server Features

XP Rate: 75
SP Rate: 75
Adena Rate: 1000
Drop Rate: 1
Max Enchant: 23
Safe Enchant: 5
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Mid Rate PvE-PvP-Craft High Five Server

Starting with comfortable leveling till 85 with nice and custom zones and monsters.
Server is based for PvE and late PvP as new players will fast catch the lower border of old players (small barrier between old and new players) However more farmed character is stronger anyway.

Good PvP Balance as Class vs Class / Class vs Another Class / and Massive PvP Balance by keeping the idea of Interlude Balance where every class have its anti-class but at the same time any class have the chance and possibility to kill any other class.And every class is Strong,Comfortable and Nice to play.
You need to test it by your self in game.
Server have few Custom Armors and Weapons which are based nearby retail Freya 2 Weapons and Elegia Armors (Same Stats + small bonuses)
Unique Character build system (Tattoo System 6 Tattoos at the same time by different bonuses)
Can build your class/character coutner of some other or oposite (have help NPC in game for them)

Few of the server Features:

Atribute Success Rate 100% (One stone increase as for x4)
Enchant skill Rate Retail like
Blessed Enchants 75% (max +18)
Divine Enchants 100% (max+18)
Last Enchants 10% (max+23 remain current state if fail)
Augmentation chance for skill 75%

Server is based for PvE/PvP/Craft and have custom farm zones
Few for Enchants/Coins Few for GcM/LS and few AIO(party one)
GoD Zone Garden of Genesis is one of KomiWars Talismans you will enjoy in game

All Raids in Lineage 2 are custom solo raids lvl 85 (need farm them for the unique dressme)
Custom Epic Raids you will need party there (farming for all kind farm in game)

Full Nice , Comfortable and usefull Community Board Alt+B
Instant Petettion system (in the alt+b -> contact GM page)
Custom Nice NPCs at any Town for the nostalgic players of course

Sieges , Territory Wars and Custom Squad clan skills for more stats

Limited items
Many Auto Events
Enchant scrolls with skills 15 and 30
All accesoarys give custom skill and stats
All Braceleds give custom skill
Custom Bracelets with stats by choise
Respawed player during Karma go Floran Village
Really Huge Dressme system with a lot of options by custom look your character

Custom Certification Skill System (All 5 subclasses can have any 5 individual subclass skills) no books needed

Olympiad is very custom in our server!
Any 14 days auto heros which getting special Heroic Custom Weapons equal to +23 Top weapons in game
Also Weapons looking amazing good
Any partipicated player exchanging his olympiad points to olympiad tokens
Getting 50% discount of ALL items existing in game in the GM Shops

Clan system in L2 KomiWars is custom
Clan reputation gain RATEx100 examnple any academic give you 5000points
Clan reputation manager exchange fame for clan fame can be buyed from the manager
Clan level up system also have changesyou need just 5 players in clan for 10 lvl
Clan requirement items you can find in GM Shop ofcourse not for free