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07/04/2021 18:12
Danger-World Life
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Server Features

XP Rate: 10
SP Rate: 10
Adena Rate: 5
Drop Rate: 10
Max Enchant: 16
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Server configuration: Exp/Sp - x10 | Adena - x5 | Drop - x10 | Spoil - x10 | RB - x5 | Quest - x5 | SealStone - x5 Premium Account rates: Exp/Sp - x20 | Adena - x10 | Drop - x20 | Spoil - x20 | RB - x5 | Quest - x5 | SealStone - x10. Chronicles: Interlude Start date: 30 April at 20:00 Moscow time Start OBT on April 28 on the x20 OLD server What awaits you on the server : Crafting and spoiling skills are available in all professions. There is a Boss Server on the server. BOS-work according to the NCsoft concept Auto-learning character skills Auto-drop selection Increasing the weight limit "Block Buffs" skill-blocks buffs from third-party players MP banks are present. 500 mp recovery (8 seconds rollback). Adena x5, all prices are set according to this concept. In the GM shop only (D, C, B Grade ) - for Adena, S and A grade armor and craft supplies. You can spoilt and drop things from mobs of any level, even if you are 80 !!! Game menu: Information about the server and useful content, enabling and disabling additional features. To open the Game Menu, enter the .menu command in the chat and press Enter. Premium Account (PA) - is a premium status that applies to all characters in the account. And in the group, - only for the owner of the PA. Premium status gives x2 a bonus in the form of exp/sp/adena/drop/spoil. Offline trading / crafting. Offline trading is available to all players from level 40. Activation with the command .offline, for activation requires-adena. PC Bang Points: Implemented online points with gifts for players. A new improved patch, in a classic style, designed specifically for our server. If for you, the game is entertainment and a break from everyday worries. A full-fledged Interlude server with x10 rates for a comfortable game! For you