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17/07/2021 13:29
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Server Features

XP Rate: 1
SP Rate: 1
Adena Rate: 1
Drop Rate: 1
Max Enchant: 16
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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SERVER INFORMATION – SERVER X1 – Max account 1 PC – PERMANENT System antibot protection – PERMANENT System anti-dds protection – Automatic events every 1hs – Skills REMASTERISED – 12,400 New Quests – Auto-farm OFF – Clan games – Npc buffer retail – Elements system OFF – Maximum level 80 – Seasonal challenges – Max grade S – Mp Hp recovery increased – Common / shadow ITEMS OFF – 5 races – Champions by Levels System – SUPER END GAME INCORPORATED – No RMT – No PAY TO WIN – ALL CLASSES ARE BALANCED IN PVP We recommend that you enter the server WITHOUT IDEAS FROM OTHER CHRONICLES since it is a 100% REMASTERISED L2 We are 2 people who love L2 and the project we present consists of creating a server with the best features of versions such as Classic, Interlude and H5. This decision has been made taking into account balance factors between classes, graphical improvements, a modern game interface and better gameplay. THE SERVER WILL LAST FOREVER, so we will not close it for any reason. We have the resources to keep it always open. Our main purpose is to build a larger and larger community, so that they can enjoy the best MMORPG game ever. We want each connected account to be a real person, in order to maintain the essence of the game. We will NOT allow the use of Bot’s, sale of items, dual box or lack of respect among the community. to avoid inconveniences such as going to jail or being banned, depending on the severity and repetition of the infractions. We will listen to absolutely all requests from the community and accept suggestions that can be sent via DISCORD. You want to help !! You can help by making our server known to your friends, streaming and voting on the sites listed on the page. WE DO NOT HAVE DONATIONS because we do it for LOVE OF L2 and WITHOUT ANY PROFIT Development never stops. We will continue to bring you new content and new updates, we will develop the game as best and as quickly as possible. We’re online on Discord, answering questions 24 hours a day. ALL THE DETAILED INFORMATION OF THE SERVER IS IN THE DISCORD