L2Dominion 3 in 1 PvP Server

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23/10/2021 16:57
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Server Features

XP Rate: 1000
SP Rate: 1000
Adena Rate: 1000
Drop Rate: 50
Max Enchant: 25
Safe Enchant: 7
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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L2Dominion 2021 Remastered - Based on Core 2007 95% of Features | Dominion 2009 100% of Features | Vitality 2011 5% of Features Our Concept Create your Character with your desire name, farm and Level up to obtain S Grade Items on Level 76 like old times. Next stage is to go Level 80 and Farm Adenas so you can Upgrade your character with Enchant Scrolls [A-S Grade]. The main Concept is to Farm and exchange for Gold bar as much as you can so you can have thousand of them for Enchant and Accessories. There is Only 1 PvP Zone so all players can be there. Remember we don't have P2W Donations, No Enchant Donations. We have only ViP - Hero Status and Augmentations 1+1. What happens in Seasons 1, 2, 3? After Season 1 (NO Custom PvP) We are going to add 3 New Items and make the server (Custom PvP) so we can bring also those players who like custom items. Same concept is also applied for them who like (MultiSkills 31x Stuck Subs) Custom PvP Server that update will be added in Season 3 read more about SEASONS here Are you ready to taste our Dynamic 3 in 1 PvP Project? Check out our: Server Features -= Server Rates =- Exp : 1000x Sp : 1000x Party Exp : 2x Party Sp : 2x Adena Drop : 1000x Drop Items : 50x Drop RB Items : 2x Spoil : 2x Karma drop weapon rate 50% ViP Status All above 2x reward for example if is 1000x you will get 2000x Exp with VIP Status -= Retail Enchant Rates (Normal, Blessed, Crystall) =- Perchant Weapon : 45% Perchant Armor : 45% Perchant Jewels : 45% ViP Status All Enchant Rates 80% Max Armor : +25 Max Weapon : +25 Max Jewels : +25 Safe Armor : +7 Safe Jewels : +7 Safe Weapon : +7 -= Augmentations Chance =- NG Skill Chance = 40% Mid Skill Chance = 25% Hig hSkill Chance = 20% Top Skill Chance = 15% -= NPCs =- GM Shop Global Gatekeeper Buffer Skill Enchanter Donate Shop Seal Stone-Augumentation Trader Dyes Manager Castle Siege Manager Class Manager Wedding Manager -= Other Features =- 3 Hours Buffs Auto Loot Max Buff Amount = 99 Slot Auto Learn Skills SubClass without Quests 100 Slots Inventory 0 Weight Penalty Karma free Tp,Shop,Trade Retail bosses Wedding System Class Master without Quests Free teleport NPC Level on Title NPC Crest from Castle lord Lotery Ticket Retail Olympiad System Retail Champion Ship Event Geodata Clan hall system Siege system 0 Days Clan Penalties Unlimited PvPs 24/7 We don't support Events, Vote rewards, Stream rewards, Clan rewards. This is retail Old School PvP Server Season 2 Chapter 1 Features Coming 10-11-2021 Apella Armor Epic Armor Season 2 Chapter 2 Features Coming 20-11-2021 Wings Season 3 Chapter The Death of L2 Features Coming 03-12-2021 MultiSkills Stuck Subs 31x Classes Super Haste lvl 1 Akamanah lvl 1 Zariche lvl 1