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29/03/2022 17:45
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Server Features

XP Rate: 10
SP Rate: 10
Adena Rate: 3
Drop Rate: 3
Max Enchant: 12
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Rates XPSP x10 Adena x3 Drop x3 Spoil x3 Seal Stones x1 Manor x1 Quests x12 Raid Epic Boss x1 Buff slots 244 duration normal account 1h premium account 2h Self buffs retail 1st and 2nd class change FREE 3rd class 700 Halishas Mark at Shrine of Loyalty Autolearn skills Mana Drug GM Shop up to Top D Grade Tyrannosaurus drop Top LS chance 20 All skills type of resurrection effect lasts 5 minutes Flames of invincibility only for movement spells not required the effect disappears on any action Safe Enchant 3 Full Body Safe Enchant 4 Weapon Max Enchant 12 Armor and Jewelry Max Enchant 8 Normal Enchant rates 70 4 60 5 6 50 7 8 40 9 10 30 11 12 Blessed Enchant rates 80 4 66 5 6 56 7 8 46 9 10 36 11 12 Max Clients per HWID 4 Sweeper Festival added to Scavenger class at level 28 A and S grade 100 recipes x2 mats to craft Subclass retail quest without Baium Noblesse retail quest Zariche and Akamanah disabled Fang of Stakato tradable EPIC BATTLES On Massacre everything revolves around PvP and PVE You will fight for spots for bosses for epics for castles for items for Adena for glory for honor for your clan for yourself you got it OLYMPIAD GAMES First olympiad games start May 2 Cycle 2 weeks first heroes May 16 6 enchant limit apply when you enter the Olympic arena Only nonclass based games are available Minimum 5 participants to start WEEKLY UPDATES We care about our server and about your gameplay source files that use the most top servers with many fixes and changes by our team FAIR GAMEPLAY NO bots any kind of afk farm is prohibited player will be banned forever without warnings Our team does not play on the server and we have no friends who will play SOLO FRIENDLY Your character will have everything it needs to level on its own including gear that will evolve with you Theres no need for an extra box for buffs NO P2W NO PDC NO paid clans and we dont give rewards to players to play in our server Minimal donations to keep server alive and with advertising QUALITY IS HERE The server has gone through many tests to bring you quality If there are any flaws or something does not work correctly we will fix it quickly Protecting data against loss INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY In our server you will find players from all the world that will give life to the server 247