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24/07/2010 00:52
Server Type:

Server Features

XP Rate: 15
SP Rate: 15
Adena Rate: 8
Drop Rate: 2
Max Enchant: 20
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Friday, December 6 at 9pm (GMT -1) this is the official server time.
Argentina 7pm (GMT -3)
Brazil 7pm (GMT -3)
Uruguay 7pm (GMT -3)
Spain 11pm (GMT +1)
I did not put all the countries, they have to see what time zone is in their country and take out the account, leave some examples?


XP / SP: x7
Adena: x3
Drop Chance: x2
Spoil Chance: x2
Raid Boss XP/SP: x6 - Adena/Drop Chance: 3.5
Epic Boss XP / SP / Adena: x2 - Drop: x1
Quest Adena XP / SP / Adena: x3
Quest Chance: x2
Reward: x1


Offline Trader Free - YES
Dual Box Item - YES
GM Buffer - NO
AutoPickup Item - YES
Custom Community - YES
Drop and Spoil Shift + Click - YES
System colors and range l2.ini - YES
.lock Protection - YES
PIN Protection - YES
Daily events TvT / DM / Hunting - YES
Prizes by vote - YES
Awards for events - YES
Premium Store Zone - YES
Infinite Macro - YES
World Chat - YES
BuffStore - YES
SGuard Protection - YES
Captcha Protection - YES
Second chance for bot use - NO
Re role of classes - YES
Bimonthly Olympics - SI
Weekly Sieges - YES
Giran Harbor Trade Zone - YES


- GMT -1 server time (to see the server time, put the command .time or look at the community)
- All Sieges are at the same time.
- The / olympiadstat command only shows you your points.
- The olys ask for 10 registered to start (not 20 as it would be retail).
- Dances and Songs Last 5 minutes.
- BuffStore, you can sell at the level you want, but you can buy buff up to level 60 (unless they are characters from the same clan).
- CHs can only be auctioned with clans level 4 onwards, in addition to having a high price compared to retail.
- Raising the clan to level 4 asks for 2k of POB instead raising it to level 5 asks for 12k of POB.
- After the first or second month, items will be added and the rates for beginners will be increased (at the discretion of the administration).
- Drop rate for retail death.
- If you are premium at death they will not lose XP.
- Having the item Death Blessing will have 50% less chance of dropping at death.
- Epics by daily reward will last 3 days.
- There will be no way to get any type of Bless Scroll of Escape
- The re-role of classes will undergo some modification to match it a little more.
- Maximum accounts per PC 2, 1 free and another through the item.
- RB and epics will not be affected by any XP / SP / Drop bonus
- All RBs will have a fixed 22h Respawn.
- The first 3 periods of Olys will not deliver Hero weapons.


- A tournament system of 32 teams to elimination.
- PvP event similar to TOI and LOA for GC / FP / SV.


It is tried to start auctioning by the CH from 16/12/2019
The first sieges will be activated on 15/12/2019 18hs UTC -1
The Olys will start 15/12/2019 (first day that can be scored is 12/20)

Ashenvale Staff