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02/11/2014 08:33
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Server Features

XP Rate: 1215
SP Rate: 900
Adena Rate: 2000
Drop Rate: 50
Max Enchant: 23
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Renewed and Revamaped! New Season started! New content and SKILLS -Re-Member, Forgotten Skills, GOD High Rate Dynamic PVP Server -,Skills, New Zones, FAFURION, High Rate PVP Server OFF Like Game Mechanics made by our dev team! Grand Crusade Items, new race: Ertheia, new skills items zones, Hidden Ability skills, raid armors added: Tauti armor, Kelbim armor, Freya armor off like 2x antibot, No Wipe- NEW Players get Epic Jewels ! Lineage2Ertheia is a Free High Rate PvP Lineage 2 Private Server with new Goddess of Destruction game mechanics and the latest Prelude of War game content. We are caring developers with a passion for the game and a good connection with our player base. For over a decade we are adding updates, while preserving the best parts of what made this game so great in the first place. This project started in 2014 and it took 7 years of development. This is the only private server with retail like game mechanics, newest skills, balanced classes and a constantly updated world. By chosing to play on this server you are required to read, understand and Agree to our Server Rules and TOS, if you do not, you are required to leave.We are developing our own server core and content. Antibot and anticheat systems are running, making sure our players the best Lineage 2 Experience. All the game mechanics and content are the result of countless years of work. There are No Wipes, everything in game can be gained, without exceptions, by simply playing. Do not try to use bots or cheats, at log such users gets banned by the Antibot. We believe in fair chance for all, that is why Everything here can be obtained by playing and discovering the game. There are NO Pay2Win items or donations.